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Everything is just unfolding  (Wu Wei)

Currently I am preparing more items for YouTube and Facebook. Available videos:
samples of my 4 CDs  and  one guided chakra meditation in Dutch. 
For upcoming videos you can check the YouTube/Facebook page.

For me this is "my daily job"; in the "ordinary world" this is seen as a hobby, because I do not earn any money with it (yet). I live off my savings and consider this work as SEVA. There are a number of dear and special people on my path who are willing to contribute. However, since they still function "in" this world, they also share the same limitation: lack of time. 
It seems like the universe frustrates the creation of my videos, but from a higher perspective there is a knowing that everything is exactly how it should be. That delay means nothing else than the opportunity to see through my judgments (ego reflex) and to allow myself to be open to WHAT IS. I increasingly embrace the "not knowing": IT IS!
Though my inner guide assures me that everything is taken care of I always consider the possibility of being  just another deluded spiritual seeking ego having to find a regular job again some day.

The Spanish en Arabic version of Body Awareness are finished;
German, English, French and Dutch versions will follow in September.
After the Summer I will also publish my latest instrumental piece: 
Om Sahasrara - meditation music, approx. 30 minutes. 
I've had a technical problem with my computer for month now,
so I cannot record longer videos, like Om Sahasrara.
I hope to solve this soon, after I’ve had new hardware and software installed.

We'll see (---:  

After Silence
that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible
is music
(Aldous Huxley: 1894-1963)
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