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Unveiling the Self (2015)

A chain composition of sounds, themes & thematic variations; moving from one atmosphere to another. All parts contain subliminal pointers to the Self by Sri Mooji. Every segment represents a specific pointer as the titles below indicate. 

1.- 21. Unveiling the Self (73 minutes)
1. First Signs of Awakening  
2. Presence of the Body   
3. Awareness is Here  
4. Fragrance of Being   
5. The Self is Self-Aware   
6. Indivisible   
7. Sense of Separation   
8. You are the Unborn  
9. You’re not your mind  
10. You’re no story   
11. Awareness is everywhere   
12. Nothing defines Your Being   
13. Effortless Complete  
14. Unmixed Presence   
15. You’re the Witness of All  
16. Your True Nature    
17. Nothing  to be done    
18. No imagination  
19. Who wants to Be?  
20. Beyond Form  21. Remain as you Are 
22. The Joy of Being (5 minutes) 

Also available as download in both Wave + Mp3 format.

Price CD or Download: € 15,00. 

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Short compilation of this CD

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