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Your Voice & Words

Are you a therapist or facilitator? Then this might be something for you. 
1. I offer the opportunity to record your words which I then combine with my music. Of course there is a lot of free material on the internet, but this would be  a unique tailor-made quided meditation. You can share these recordings with your clients who hear your familiar voice and language, matching your specific approach. Again and again.
2. As people often ask me whether they could use my music for their own meditations,
I intend to offer meditative background music of different lengths in the near future.
To be continued...

Sample:  Robert Bridgeman Vipassana chakra meditationThe background music is from my CD Atman Buddhi Chakra Meditation. After Robert had sent me the voice recording, I started to select and edit text and music. As Robert doesn't systematically start with chakra 1 and so on,  I had to cut and paste a lot. Especially the Tibetan overtone sounds were a lot of work.

Prices for option 1.
Depending on your specific requirements, I can draw up an offer.
Normal work on my part:
– voice recording of your meditation in my studio or at your place;
– cutting, pasting and editing voice recording;
– mixing with my music;
– mastering to wave or mp3 format. 
You can share this recording with your clients as a free service or you can sell it.

Feel free to contact me and just send me an email:
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